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Fantastic Frights Anthology

Fantastic Frights is an anthology that is edited by Kelly Brajevich, Jacob Bouvet, Cliff Reichard, and Evan Waterman. It is a comic anthology expected to be about 100 pages with the theme of fantasy/horror.


We are looking for spooky stories with a fantastic twist or fantastic stories with a spooky twist. Do you like Grimm's Fairytales and want to do a retelling? Do you like stories about faeries - and not the nice kind? Are you a fan of the supernatural? If yes, submit a story! 

Some existing media to inspire you about what we're looking for:
Stranger Things
The Adventure Zone: Amnesty

Grimm's Fairytales


This will be for a teenaged audience, so while some blood spatter can be expected, we are NOT looking for anything with excessive violence, sex, or gore. 


The ideal submissions should be 2-8 pages, but we will allow 1-page and up to 10-page submissions in exceptional cases. 

Who are we?

Kelly Brajevich is the writer for D.S. al Fine, a comic with two issues that were successfully crowdfunded in 2017 and 2018. She started her PhD in 2018 studying comic book narrative theory and currently presents at academic conferences whenever she can. She also runs Panel Channel through UWM's Serious Play stream on Twitch, a summer show dedicated to drawing comics while talking about graduate-level writing and research.

Evan is a video game developer turned comic writer and producer, having published a number of comics, anthologies, and children's books, as well as a free, ongoing series of how-to guides for making comics. Evan is currently working as Director of Promotions at Cloudscape Comics.



Jacob Bouvet is a comic book writer based in Springfield, IL, USA. He got his start as a member of the weekly comic collaboration group, The Comic Jam. He is the co-creator and writer of the romance, drama comic BURN. Jacob is also the creator of the science fantasy, kung fu comic miniseries, The Trials of Tribulations of Ko Gaine. He has stories featured in the Colossal Chaos and Specualtive Relationships v3 anthologies.

Chris cliff Reichard is a long time comic fan and the creator of Angels Of Hell. When he is not writing stories of horror and depravity, he is reliving the horrors of war in his dreams.

Submission Information

Who can submit: Anyone over 18 who resides in the U.S. and Canada.

Submission Deadline: Submissions are open from June 1st to July 15th

Where to submit: Fill out our submission form HERE

Terms and conditions of submission: If your submission is accepted, all creators will be required to sign a media waiver. Creators will retain all rights to their submission, but will not be able to have their submissions printed anywhere else until one year after the distribution date of Fantastic Frights (May 2020). We WILL accept work that has been published previously so long as your work is not under any copyright from its previous publication(s).

Timeline: The submission period will close on July 15th, 2019. Creators will be contacted by July 31st regarding their status in the anthology.

  • September 1st 2019: Script & Thumbnails due

  • October 1st 2019: Mid-point check in for Pencils/Inks/Colors/Letters

  • November 1st 2019: Finished products due

  • February 15th 2020: Kickstarter launches for Fantastic Frights Anthology

  • April 15th 2020: Books to be shipped out to creators, pending successful funding​​

Compensation: Regardless of successful funding for print, all creators with accepted and completed submissions will have access to the full PDF of the Fantastic Frights Anthology for their own use and sale. Upon successful crowdfunding for print, each creative team with accepted and completed submissions will be compensated 2 copies of the anthology per page.

This means one page of work = two copies, two pages of work = four copies, etc. Submissions that are six, seven, or eight pages long will only receive 10 copies. Compensation is done per team and not per creator. Copies will be mailed to the team leader for each submission, who will be responsible for equitable distribution for their creative team.

Questions?: Please email with any questions you have!

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